IMO and IMHO both Suck, in my Opinion

From a random blog…

“a very good read, IMO.”

That was the straw that broke this particular camel’s cliched back. I just can’t take it anymore…

(For those who are not accustomed to internet jargon, IMO means “in my opinion.” IMHO means “in my humble opinion.”)

I mean, of course it’s your fucking opinion! Do we have to preface every slightly subjective comment with IMO or IMHO? What are we afraid of? This??

That's just your opinion, says the Dude

I guess so. The Dude makes the rules now. Man.

IMHO is even worse. My “humble” opinion. Aw, bullshit – if you were humble you would just keep your damn mouth shut. I’m sure some of the IMHO users are people who are afraid of having their virtual lights virtually punched out by some ruthless internet troll. But there’s another kind, the pretentious others. They use it because:

1- It sounds pretentious and they just can’t help their humble selves.
2- They think it gives them the upper hand.
3- Because they affirm it’s an opinion, that will help deflate any arguments showing it to be a stupid comment. A sort of reverse-Dude defence (“Well, it’s just my opinion man…”

Get this, grammar guys and gals – we know it’s your fucking opinion. 99% of all conversation is opinions – that’s how we know. Until the internet came along and made everyone more stupid, it wasn’t necessary to remind people of that.

So, show some balls. Express yourself. Say what you think. And don’t act ashamed of it.

Got it?